Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Trickster

I've been reading about the history of the portrayal of the cat in art.  (I recommend the book.  I got it for under 10 dollars from a discount retailer at a street festival, and it's full of great images.)  It's highlighted quite an ambivalence in our relationship with the species.  Naturally (being the way I am), I identified a kinship between the cat and Loki -- the trickster of the Norse gods, whom Marvel has done quite a fabulous job of making en vogue right now.  (I was falling in love with Loki before he had a bandwagon...Just sayin'.)  I entered this piece in Mightyfine's "Marvel Villains" T-shirt design contest, but for whatever reason, it didn't pass the approval of Marvel's licensors.  Maybe they thought the font license would be a problem.  (I made sure it was free for commercial use.)  Maybe they don't like anthropomorphisms.  That wasn't against the rules...but Oh Well.  Here's the piece and the T-shirt mock-up; I still enjoy it even though it'll never be printed on a T-shirt.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rarity models the My Little Pony bracelet

Haven't posted anything here in quite awhile.  ...Yeah, so, I drew this for Equestria Daily's prompt/contest "Ponies playing with pony merchandise."  This is based on those little kid bracelets you can buy at H&M right now.  I bought one.  I actually bought three.  Each charm looks kind of like a pony prison.  Hence, this. :I

Edit: This was a runner-up in the contest!  Top 30 of ~145. :)